Allium campanulatum

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: purple
Flower Season: early spring
Life form: bulb

Allium campanulatum S.Watson - an odd species, but one that I like nonetheless. It flowers in early spring, preferring clay soil in a raised bed, in full sun. The flowers are nearly at ground level and typically show a two-toned flower, the center of each flower being pale compared to the deeper ends of the tepals. The stems are very brittle and easily broken. The flowers are different from most other American alliums in that they open completely where the tepals lay on a flat plane. They are found in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington states. The mother bulb produces numerous offsets. First photo by Mark McDonough, second photo by Nhu Nguyen at the UC Botanical Garden. The last two photos were taken by Mary Sue Ittner including a picture of the bulbs on a 1 cm grid.

Allium campanulatum, Mark McDonoughAllium campanulatum, Nhu NguyenAllium campanulatum, Mary Sue IttnerAllium campanulatum, Mary Sue Ittner

The photos below were taken in habitat by Nhu Nguyen on July 17, 2009 in the high Sierra Nevada near Sonora Pass. In this area there are two slightly different color forms. Both of these are found on sandy soil in full sun.

Allium campanulatum, Nhu NguyenAllium campanulatum, Nhu NguyenAllium campanulatum, Nhu Nguyen

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