Using This Wiki

  • The PBS wiki can be viewed by everyone, but to edit pages or add files (photos or drawings, or information that can be added in a .pdf file) you need to be a PBS list member and an approved wiki user. For information about how to join the list and become an approved user contact us.
  • Editing Tips gives much useful information and examples for editing pages. Alternatively when you edit a page the edit screen will show examples of how to create the formatting and there are Gui buttons that can be used to add the desired formatting to whatever you highlight.
  • Adding Pages tells you all about how to add internal pages to the wiki.
  • Table Additions explains the process of adding new internal pages or links to a cell in a table.
  • Upload File page will tell you how to add an image or other file to this wiki. An abbreviated page, Site.Upload Quick Reference shows automatically when you click on Upload.
  • Before you start adding to the PBS wiki use the Sand Box page to try adding information and editing until you feel comfortable enough to tackle a real page.
  • Video of how to add a picture to the wiki. Select full screen using the controls at the bottom right of the You Tube player.

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