Allium tripedale

Allium tripedale Trautv. (syn. Nectaroscordum tripedale (Trautv.)Traub) is native to the Caucasus and is a relative to Allium siculum Ucria and Allium bulgaricum (Janka) Prodan although its taxonomic status is not quite as jumbled as the other two. The flowers are bell-shaped, 3/4" (2 cm) wide, and each inflorescence can hold up to 30 flowers. This species blooms in spring to summer with the inflorescence extending up to 3 feet (90 cm). It makes very few to no offsets so growing from seeds is the best chance to multiply your plants. It takes about 6 years to flower from seeds. Grow it in in a well-drained mix in a pot but it will probably do better in the ground with good drainage and sun to part shade. It is said to hardy up to USDA Zone 5. Photos were taken by Kathleen Sayce of her plants bought from Odyssey Bulbs.

Allium tripedale, Kathleen SayceAllium tripedale, Kathleen Sayce

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