Allium stellatum x senescens

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: white, pink

Allium stellatum x senescens #2 - (could also be Allium cernuum x Allium senescens) - three photos. In the first view, looking down from above the flowers, the flowers don't look very remarkable and appear as a normal A. cernuum or Allium stellatum plant. The Asian species A. senescens has dense hemispheres to nearly spherical heads of bloom, and as you'll see in the other two photos, the flowers of this spontaneous hybrid are held in very dense heads showing the strong A. senescens influence. Notice in the underside view when I lift the flowers up, how different the florets look, with short tepals showing the central green ovaries. The flowers are so densely packed that they can barely open, quite a difference from either A. cernuum or A. stellatum where the flowers are held aloft on long arching pedicels giving a very open appearance. Photos by Mark McDonough.

Allium stellatum x senescens, Mark McDonoughAllium stellatum x senescens, Mark McDonoughAllium stellatum x senescens, Mark McDonough

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