Allium stellatum x nutans

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: pink
Flower Season: late summer

Allium stellatum x nutans hybrid #1 - This is one of the most surprising intrasectional hybrids (hybrids between two different "subsections") that have spontaneously appeared in my garden in several forms. It is clearly the late summer blooming Allium stellatum crossed with the heavy-textured Allium nutans (also late blooming). A few of these hybrids are literal monstrosities, with freakishly shaped buds and flower stems, and contorted bloom heads. More rarely, they're something pretty. The form shown here is quite good, looking like A. stellatum in flower but with heavy winged stems, winged buds, nutans-like broad gray leaves that twist, and fine, substantial pink flowers held in the sideways sprays characteristic of stellatum. Out of bloom, one would guess that the plant to be a form of A. nutans or possible Allium senescens (see second photo for foliage)! Photo by Mark McDonough.

Allium stellatum x nutans, Mark McDonoughAllium stellatum x nutans, Mark McDonough

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