Allium serra

Allium serra McNeal & Ownbey is from the central coast ranges of California, found in grassy slopes, often under blue oaks (Quercus douglasii Hook. & Arn.), blooming from March to May. It has pink flowers which become more papery as they age. Photo 1 from Mary Sue Ittner shows an inflorescence blooming April 2005 in Bear Valley in Colusa County, California. Photos 2-5 from Nhu Nguyen show plants in habitat near Mt. Hamilton, Santa Clara County, California.

Allium serra, Bear Valley, Mary Sue IttnerAllium serra, Nhu NguyenAllium serra, in fruit, Nhu NguyenAllium serra, habitat shot, Nhu NguyenAllium serra, habitat shot, Nhu Nguyen

The photos below are of plants in cultivation. Photo 1 was taken by Mary Sue Ittner. Photos 2-3 were taken by Nhu Nguyen. Photo 3 shows the bulb scale's beautiful "herring bone" pattern. This character is very important in identifying this and several other related species.

Allium serra, Mary Sue IttnerAllium serra, habitat shot, Nhu NguyenAllium serra, bulb scales, Nhu Nguyen

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