Allium schubertii

Allium schubertii Zucc. is a fantastic, whimsical giant onion, with flower pedicels of various length, creating a big spidery ball of blooms. Not reliably hardy in cold climates. - The first photo was taken by Lauw de Jager. The second from Kelly Irvin is an example where they are planted too close together. This picture might help with imagining the actual size of the inflorescence. The young model accompanying the onions goes by the name Gabriel. The third was taken in its habitat in the Golan Heights- Syria by Oron Peri. Photo 4 of commercially supplied bulbs on a 10 mm grid and photo 5 of shoots in January by David Pilling

Allium schubertii, Lauw de JagerAllium schubertii, Kelly IrvinAllium schubertii, Oron PeriAllium schubertii, David PillingAllium schubertii 20th January 2014, David Pilling

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