Allium oreophilum

Allium oreophilum C.A.Mey. is an easy to grow species from Central Asia. The small plants reach a height of less than 8" with small pink flowers. The filaments are flattened and tapered to the anthers. Photo 1 by Travis Owen taken May 2015 in Rogue River, OR. Photo 2 shows drying capsules.

Allium oreophilum, May 2015, Travis OwenAllium oreophilum capsules, June 3 2015, Travis Owen

Allium oreophilum 'Torch' is a superior form of the commonly available A. oreophilum. This cultivar and one other named 'Agalik' are rather expensive and only available from specialty bulb nurseries. Two photos by Mark McDonough, one at early anthesis in June, and the latter one taken in early July. The flowers heads are full and the large florets are intense carmine in color, really showing up well in the garden.

Allium oreophilum 'Torch', Mark McDonoughAllium oreophilum 'Torch', Mark McDonough

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