Allium nutans x stellatum

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: purple

Allium nutans x stellatum - This is a peculiar plant that's more of an odd "franken-onion" than anything worth growing for its own sake. I suspect Allium stellatum as one of the parents because it seems to be a species very willing to cross with such species as Allium senescens and Allium nutans. In the first image, the unopened buds can be seen, and the extremely winged, sharp-edged flanges to the stems and flower buds, with the spathe becoming thickened over the buds almost to attempt continuation of the flower stem itself. The flower buds and the inflorescences tend to be contorted, often with satellite sub-inflorescences popping out of the main inflorescences (a characteristic I've found in several nutans crosses). In the second image, the opened flowers can be seen, along with erratic small bulbils at the center. Certainly an oddity, but it might have some hybridization possibilities if some characteristics could be tamed. Photos by Mark McDonough.

Allium nutans x stellatum, Mark McDonoughAllium nutans x stellatum, Mark McDonough

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