Allium maximowiczii

Allium maximowiczii Regel ssp. shibutsiense (kitam.)Ohwi 'Alba' - I obtained this from a Japanese source listed as Allium maximowiczii alba , but it's not just a white form of the much taller type species, it's the alpine form of Allium maximowiczii. The type species is found from central Asia, to China, Korea, and Japan. Allied to chives, the flowers are rather different, being shorter, more cupped-shaped, and becoming papery when going over. Dense tufts of grayish foliage, and masses of little white flowers, about 6" (15 cm) tall. Photos by Mark McDonough.

Allium maximowiczii ssp. shibutsiense 'Alba', Mark McDonoughAllium maximowiczii ssp. shibutsiense 'Alba', Mark McDonough

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