Allium hollandicum

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 45-80 cm (1.5-2.6 ft)
Flower Colors: purple
Flower Season: early summer
Life form: deciduous bulb

Allium hollandicum R.M.Fritsch is a species native to Iran, and not synonym of Allium aflatunense B.Fedtsch., which is different, accepted species. Photographs by David Pilling, the last one shows shoots in spring (right) compared with tulips.

Allium hollandicum, David PillingAllium hollandicum, David PillingAllium hollandicum, David PillingAllium hollandicum shoots (right) compared with tulips, David Pilling

In the bulb photo the coin is about an inch in diameter. Photo 2 shows a bulb formed at the base of the seed head; photo 3 shows seed pods and seed on a 10 mm grid.

Allium hollandicum bulbs, David PillingAllium hollandicum seed head with bulb, David PillingAllium hollandicum seed pods and seed, David PillingAllium hollandicum seed, David Pilling

Allium hollandicum 'Purple Sensation' is a deep coloured strain believed to originate in 1963 from a selection by J. Bijl. It is often incorrectly called Allium aflatunense 'Purple Sensation' or described as a garden hybrid from Holland named Allium Ă—hollandicum 'Purple Sensation'. RHS AGM. Photo 1 by Janos Agoston. Photo 2 comparing this cultivar with the common form by David Pilling. Photo 3 from Travis Owen shows first year seedling bulbs. Seeds of 'Purple Sensation' are viable, and are easy to grow by spreading the seeds over the surface of a prepared seed pot in the autumn, and left in the elements over winter.

Allium hollandicum 'Purple Sensation', Janos AgostonAllium hollandicum 'Purple Sensation', David PillingFirst year seedling bulbs of Allium 'Purple Sensation', Travis Owen

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