Allium guttatum

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: white, purple

Allium guttatum Steven has a wide distribution from the Ukraine to the Mediterranean. According to the Plants of the World Online there are five accepted subspecies. Photo by Wietse Mellema.

Allium guttatum, Wietse Mellema

Allium guttatum ssp. dalmaticum (A.Kern. ex Janch.) Stearn is from Albania and W. Yugoslavia to E. Bulgaria, where it is considered endemic. This is a pink to purple color variant of Allium guttatum. It is nice, but not as attractive as the ssp. sardoum shown below. First photo by Mark McDonough, second by Rimmer de Vries.

Allium guttatum ssp. dalmaticum, Mark McDonoughAllium guttatum ssp. dalmaticum, Rimmer de Vries

Allium guttatum ssp. guttatum ranges from the Aegean region to Ukraine. It has whitish tepals blotched with purple

Allium guttatum ssp. kartalkayaense Yild. is native to Turkey.

Allium guttatum ssp. sardoum (Moris) Stearn is a fine European species from Portugal to Turkey, with dense heads of white flowers held precisely spaced, showing off bright white pedicels and small fluffy white florets stained with a small dark blotch on each tepal. The first photo was taken by Mark McDonough, July 18, 2002 and another view of this species is shown in the second photo of plants grown by Arnold Trachtenberg in New Jersey from bulbs purchased from Pacific Rim Native Plant Nursery.

Allium guttatum ssp. sardoum, Mark McDonoughAllium guttatum ssp. sardoum, Arnold Trachtenberg

Allium guttatum ssp. tenorei (Parl.) Soldano has a range from Tunisia to Libya.

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