PBS Bulb Auction, Pot Luck, Presentation, Raffle!

Cathy Craig cathycraigea@hotmail.com
Tue, 01 May 2007 09:24:25 PDT
Hi all,

This will be my last email to the forum about the meeting and dinner this 

My friend Nancy and I will be hand-making the main dish - vegetarian and 
also chicken enchilladas. Adele from Adele's Restaurant in SC is making the 
rice and beans. I encourage all to come who wish to. But I still need a nose 
count so we know how much food to provide. NOSE COUNT - PLEASE RSVP me 
PRIVATELY at CathyCraigEA@hotmail.com (other contact info at end).

Dr Harold Koopowitz will do a slide presentation on his most recent trip to 
Africa (a few months ago) and will tell us about all the rare bulbs he found 

I have encouraged Harold to bring some bulbs that cannot be found anywhere 
else in the world and to donate them for the bulb auction after dinner. I am 
hoping he can do this.

Also, anyone else coming, please bring bulbs, plants, or seed to donate to 
the auction. Just make sure they are relatively clean and most particularly 
LABELED even if you know only the species name.

Myself, I have several items that I will donate:

1. I have been growing several hanging baskets of the streptocarpellas many 
of you have admired. These are now nearly a year old and very full and 
starting to bloom. This particular selection has dark blue flowers MUCH 
LARGER than the standard you find in nurseries from time to time. It is a 
relative of the african violet and can bloom almost continuously if kept 
moist and fertilized. Excellent bright shade plant.

2. Potted bulbs of various crinum

3. Bulbs of nerine bowdenii

4. Seed from littonia modesta   

5. Other misc items.

From The Bat:

1. Mom has been planting the seeds that look like dust specs of her mini 
gesneriads. I know many of you grow these and it is extremely difficult to 
find either plants, leaves, bulbs, or seed, even on the internet. They are 
african violet relatives and the entire plant (which is a bulb, btw) matures 
to about the size of a quarter measured across from leaf tip to leaf tip. 
Prolific bloomers! These will be potted up (in pots the size of restaurant 
creamers) and ready for auction. Blooming now!

NOTE: The entire board of directors of PBS will be in attendance. This may 
be your only chance to meet and speak with them for some time. They live all 
over the country and this will be the first time, since the formation of 
PBS, that they will all be together. Details on who is who below.

SPECIAL ADDITION: We are raffling off a four-tier, customized, plant stand. 
This was over $1,000 new and is a very sturdy with wheels. We bought this 
from IFG in Ohio who, in my opinion, makes the very best plant stands. Comes 
with lights, fully adjustable lighting, capable of one or more lights being 
on, fiberglas trays, all aluminum frame, grids, timer, electrical wire, 
everything. Come join the raffle!

Pacific Bulb Society

7th Annual Spring BULB GATHERING

This is your Invitation to PBS¡¦ 7th Annual Bulb Dinner, Slide Presentation, 
and Pot Luck

Please join us for an afternoon and evening of BULBS: camaraderie, food, and 
enlightening fun! Bring any guests you like.

WHEN Saturday     May 5th     2007

WHERE Home of PBS prez: Cathy Craig
307 Calle Sonora
San Clemente CA 92672
(949) 939-7801 or (714) 904-8531

TIME 4pm to 9pm

ľ Afternoon of socializing with other bulbophiles
ľ Pot Luck Dinner
ľ slide presentation by Dr. Harold Koopowitz
ľ Bulb Auction with auctioneer extraordinaire, Charles Hardman

BRING Side dish, small. Please email me for particulars (see below)

SPECIAL APPEARANCE by the entire PBS Board of Directors
Please come meet the board, many are coming from the east coast and this is 
your chance to meet and speak with them:

ľ President: Cathy Craig
ľ Vice President: Shawn Pollard (Arizona)
ľ Secretary: Jennifer Hildebrand (New York)
ľ Treasurer: Arnold Trachtenberg (New Jersey)
ľ Membership Chair: Patty Colville
ľ Seed and Bulb Exchange Director: Dell Sherk (Pennsylvania)

PLEASE RSVP (so we have enough food): CathyCraigEA@hotmail.com

Cathy Craig EA
Taxation & Asset Management
(949) 369-8588 Ofc and Fax
(949) 939-7801 Cell and Home

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